Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Sometimes, I surprise myself

I just got back from my practice, and I really had a good day in class. I went up against a black belt in Randori, and although I didn't throw him, I managed to get in a couple of good counters. He complimented me after class. It's really good to get compliments from your peers, especially when they are better than you.

I also managed to land a throw against another opponent that I had never even practiced before - O Uchi Gaeshi. Basically he tried to attack right O-Uchi-Gari, and I just stepped back got down on a knee and took him down for a solid Ippon. I have often opined on Judo forums that Kuzushi is the art of manifesting opportunity to use your Waza - this was a prime example.

It seems Ironic, but I feel more secure in my Judo at 30 than I did at 22. Maybe that is just more testimony to Judo truly being more about mind and less about muscles?

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