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Thanks Mongo!

Apparently, one of my astute Judo Forum buddies and Readers - Mongo - pointed out that my blog had been down. Thankfully, it was just a configuration glitch. Now all I need to do is actually write!

Pink Gi?

Apparently, in BJJ Pink Gis are acceptible - Check out this Atama Kimonos Special Edition Gi. I know that BJJ has a lot more flash and dash than Judo, and I know that BJJ is one of the fastest growing sports in the wake of the MMA explosion, but even if I were cross-training in BJJ, I couldn't deal with the patches and some of the more garish colors. I get white, I tolerate blue, and I understand black.

I would really be down on the Pink too, but then I learned it was specially designed for Kyra Gracie. Since she could very well tap me out any day of the week, and since she does it justice, I won't judge her. But please don't show up to my Judo class in a Pink Gi!

Good Samaritan Saves Judoka

Just found this story over at the Judo Forum. A very nice story about how a complete stranger donated her Kidney to Former Olympian and Olympic Coach Irwin Cohen -,1,2727111.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

My Blog as my Personal Trainer

I just played with the layout a bit and I noticed something very interesting. In the months that I was playing hard and making real progress, I tended to post a lot more entries. I guess I need to start playing a little bit harder and a lot more frequently.

More Promotions on Saturdays - but can I complain?

I found out last night that my Local Yudanshakai is again holding its promotional tournament on Saturday. I sent a letter to one of the muckety-mucks asking for some sort of other means of getting promoted.

I have to admit, it is probably a lot of chutzpah for me to do so. Granted, I don't practice as often as I should, and I don't go to other tournaments, so why should I be accomodated?

I am not sure. Still, it would be nice if I did get Nikyu eventually.