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Finding some of what I lost

So I've been back into Judo for about 2 weeks now, and some of my reflexes keep coming back. I had a very positive Randori session yesterday where I was very effective at throwing my opponents, including a lot of throws that I hadn't used in a while like Uchimata a Tomoe Nage and even a Tani Otoshi. It feels good to find things that you lost. Unfortunately, it seems that I have found some of the weight I lost too, I will need to work getting it off.

On a happier note, I learned that my Sensei had recently been promoted to Shichidan - 7th degree black belt. I need to get him a present.

A Step Behind...

So I have been back at Judo for almost two weeks now, and although I still have a lot of my techniques, I noticed that my reflexes for Judo are shot. As with anything in life, muscle memory and technique get faster and more accurate with practice. Since Judo is so complex, and since I was never doing it more than 3 times a week, my reflexes wax and wane with my current practice schedule. This unnerves me, especially during Randori (both standing and on the ground).

Throws that I was able to get off effortlessly a few months back now seem to just miss. I really need to buckle down and find a way to practice at least 3x a week - now can one of you out there please explain that to my wife?

... with anticipation and trepidation...

So I have my gear bag all packed with a fresh gi and towel and all of the stuff that I need. I haven't been to Judo in around two months, and I am finally going back today.

I am both excited and scared. How much of my skills have vanished? How will my nagging injuries hold up - or worse, will they be exacerbated.

More importantly, during my inactivity, I gained weight. I need to look at my ever changing schedule and make time for Judo again.