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The NinJew

To help pay for some of my hosting costs, I post ads on this and my other sites using Google Adsense. While I don't typically click on the ads, ocassionally when I am checking out my site, one or two ads pop up that catch my attention. Today I came across The NinJew. I think that I will take a look at his book, sounds interesting.

I guess I am not the only Orthodox Jewish Martial Artist writing on the Internet :).

Hitting that textbook throw

On Monday in Randori I pulled off a textbook Tomoe Nage (actually, it was a variation of the throw that I learned from Sensei Keith Nakasone when I visited San Jose State in November). My partner was playing stiff-armed and pushing me backward and I quickly used his momentum to vault him over my head. It was beautiful, even my Sensei (who doesn't generally approve of us using sacrifice techniques in Randori) approved.

I hadn't thrown with Tomoe Nage like that since I was a sophmore in College and realtively new to Judo (I was a yellow belt - Rokkyu). My partner at the time was a freshman white belt, and my Sensei was pissed that I used a throw he had never seen before - rightfully so, I could have hurt him. But this time it was against another sankyu, and he admired the throw too.

What is this variation that I used? I call it Goofy-foot (in deference to the snowboarding term for leading with your left foot). Essentially, traditional Tomoe Nage has the tori taking the foot on t…