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Who's reading this blog anyways?

For the most part, I don't care, but every once in a while I am curious. So I checked my stats today. Not including last november when I first started I have been averaging over 1000 visitors per month. This month, so far, I have almost 1700!

According to my stats software, you come from the USA, Japan, Canada, The Netherlands, Israel, Australia and Italy.

I am always curious to know who's reading this. So if you'd like, please leave a comment!!!

Feeling Fatter Already - need to step it up

So I have been missing a bit of practice this week - Monday the second day of passover and I couldn't go because of religious reasons, and because I took off on Tuesday, I couldn't afford 2 hours away from work on Wed. I might try to go tomorrow (Fri.) but probably won't get a full 1:45-2 hrs in. In addition, having been on the South Beach diet for about 9 months now I have had a terribly carb-infested week.

One would think that on a holiday where bread is not allowed, I could manage to stay low-carb, but unfortunately rice and beans - two 'good carbs' that I was consuming a lot of, are not permitted (I won't explain why, because it's beyond the scope of this blog) and Matzah - the special passover crisp bread - is listed in the SoBe book as one of the foods to avoid entirely as it is one big 'bad carb'.

Couple that with the generously increased amounts of sugar in everything, and I am scared to step on a scale. I will have a lot of work ahead of me …

Back in the Saddle - a rare Friday treat.

So as it turns out, my numbness was a temporary condition, and my doctor even encouraged me to exercise, so I went back to Judo today. I usually don't go on Fridays. You see, I am an Orthodox Jew, and I need to leave work early on Fridays during 'Standard' time to make it home in time for sunset and the onset of the Sabbath.

But I needed to get out there, I am going to miss a couple more days in another week because of Passover, so I figured that I would get it all in while I can now.

Unfortunatley, I had to limit myself to 45 minutes down from my usual 1:45. All I got to do was warm-up, rollouts, and about 50-70 uchikomis. Thankfully the time off has given my right wrist more time to heal and I hit some nice Harai Goshi pickups. I am also thankful that I got to work with a realtively light uke as well - just so I could take it easy.

Monday, I am going to go back full throttle. I missed Judo. I still plan on competing on 5/22, so it's time to gear up.

More sidelining

So yesterday morning I woke up and my left arm had a loss of sensation. In the past, this has happened in situations where I fell asleep on my arm, but would usually go away within a few minutes, or at most after a hot shower. It lingered the whole day. By 6pm, I felt tingling or burning on most of my body. I even went to the ER to check it out. The ER doc suggested that it was most likely a nervous condition issue caused by either a viral infection, slightly herniated disc, or a muscle spasm. I hope to see a Doctor about it shortly, but until I figure out what it is, I think I need to stay away from Judo - at a minimum a week or two more :(

Missing my Workouts

I missed all of my Judo this week, in part because I was still feeling a little loopy from the sinus infection and in part because I took off a sick day or so from work and needed to catch up. That is the one thing that sucks about Judo - it's not like you can workout on your own. Karateka and TKDer's can easily practice kicks and punches, but it is really hard to practice anything more than basic footsweeps and entry motions without an Uke and mats. Well, I guess I will just need to train harder next week.

Sidelined... but thankfully safe

On Sunday, I was shopping with my wife and kids and my oldest started acting out. I bent down to pick him up and bumped my head lightly on a fixture hanging off of the wall. It was a light bump, but I felt dizzy immediately. I also hadn't eaten that day - but the bump was scaring the crap out of me for two days. Finally on Monday I had it checked out and discovered it was only a sinus infection that happened to come on as I got this bump on my head. I decided to stay away from Judo this week to not push myself. But I am so grateful that isn't anything worse.

When I didn't know, I kept thinking how I get thrown and banged around a few hours each week, only to be sidelined by a bump on the head from a shelf - go figure :)